This is not going to be yet another one of those cheerily positive and inspirational ‘About Pages’ that create a false bravado and lean a little too heavily on the overused tag line “If I can do it, so can you!”


I’m aware that typically, when you sit down to write an ‘about me’ page, that typically the intent is to show yourself in the best light. You know, I won this award, I did this amazing thing and I have a reference from Queen Elizabeth herself! I’m not going to do that. I want to be super transparent and raw and real about who I am, my not so glamorous past and whom I am on a mission to help.


When I first started compiling this page, I must admit I wrote it out a few times more than I would care to admit. I mean an ‘About Page’ is meant to reel off a whole lot of niceties and flattery and smooth everything over to paint one in the most flattering of lights? Right?


As you can gather by now, I am not your typical woman. My ‘About Page’ is not typical in any way, because my path in life was WAY different to the average person.


However, what my story will highlight to you is the absolute probability that you can turn your life to practically anything, if you truly want to. This ‘About Page’ is going to be typical of the author who wrote it. Unabashedly honest and transcends the current crop of false bravado “inspo” people out there. My life in many ways, is far from inspirational. The first part of it, is downright depressive. But that is the point.


I transformed not only the unconscious reality of my existence and created a life and business that far exceeded my wildest dreams, but my inner critic was silenced, and I went under a metamorphosis of self, to achieve passion, fulfillment and the lifestyle of my dreams.


So in plain English, I conquered everything life threw at me, I kicked it where it hurts and I let it know that I’m no pushover. When I fell down flat, I got right back up again and had another go. In the end, I won.


My journey was convoluted in many ways and what should have taken, in my eyes, a short amount of time to achieve certain outcomes, I would find myself going off track by sometimes, years.


The biggest suggestion I can first impart on you is something you have probably heard before and is quite simple. Don’t measure your results or life’s journey against someone else’s. That sort of pressure will render any attempts at true fulfillment, peace and getting the life you want immeasurably. Comparing ourselves with others is probably, in some ways, one of the life draining, fulfillment and true inner power killers out there.


I didn’t have the dream start to life. After having been drugged, taken away and gang raped at the age of eighteen, my life went down a path that I didn’t foresee at all. I ended up selling myself to the underbelly of society for fifteen years of my life.


I wanted out. I didn’t want to be stuck in this life I’d made for myself, as I knew I was wasting my life away. I felt isolated, alone and knew that I was worthy of so much more.


I began many years ago trying to build my life back from nothing.


The crazy part is, all I had was a hope and a dream. I had absolutely nothing to lose and the world to gain.


At the age of 24 I took a leap of faith and did my first trial introduction flight. I loved it so much that I started taking flying lessons. Four years later I qualified for a full commercial pilot’s license. I was over the moon!


Not long after I started flying for an aviation company, disaster struck. I ended up with renal failure and lost my pilots medical and couldn’t fly again.


I found myself back at the miserable life that I had so desperately wanted to escape from.


However, this time I had more fire in my belly as I knew I could be more than a lady of the night. At age 32 nearly broken, but keen to now help others turn there miserable and uninspiring lives around (I had proof that I could do it for myself), I underwent some training with the biggest trainers in the NLP industry. I qualified with my Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy among other things.


I compiled a revolutionary new proprietary system called “Intimacy Profiling” which famously helps women identify potentially dangerous partners, relationships or worse.


In 2014 I broke onto the international media stage with my controversial story. I broke records everywhere and as a woman with no contacts, no Rolodex, just a passion for sharing how she broke away from the constrains of a torrid life projection, I was suddenly thrust onto the world stage. I proved again how having hope and a dream and being doggedly focused can reef a person away from their self-imposed limiting beliefs and the life they want to leave behind.


Suffering from complex PTSD and overcoming many hurdles along the way, I am battle worn but savvy and have a passion to educate, inspire and help others live out their wildest dreams. To live with passion, with purpose and share their message with the world or create the changes that they want to have in their life.


I am not here to dilly dally around and waste your time. If you want to get down in the trenches and roll up your sleeves with someone who has actually walked the talk, then I am your lady. I am not your “ladies who do lunch” kind of woman. I am your “lady who has pulled herself out of some of the most challenging situations and conquered her life and on a global scale to boot”, kind of lady.


I am not here to sugar coat anything, it’s certainly not my nature, but am here for those of you who want a good kick up the rear, want to take massive action and live more in alignment with their true purpose. If you have the passion, I have the knowledge and experience of someone who has done the work.


Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.


I can’t wait to hear your own personal success story. We can celebrate together!


Love Gwyneth


P.S Please join me on Twitter at @thisisgwyneth, Facebook at Offical Gwyneth Montenergo Fanapage, Instagram at Gwyneth Montenegro. For those of you who want more and want a kick up the rear on a daily basis, then I welcome you to trial the Life Reset course for a measly $5 per month. If you get value out of that and want to dive in deep, try the Life Detox course for $30 a month for 3 months to really make it happen! Fortune favors the bold. I look forward to chatting with you and hopefully inspiring you to live out your best life yet. Come say hi!